Saturday, September 27, 2008

Vicky the Vet Kid Kit - One of Many Usborne Kid Kits

Your child will have fun playing vet with Usborne's Vicky the Vet Kid Kit. It includes a Vicky the Vet doll, kitty, and vet exam table. Also included is Usborne's book titled Vicky the Vet.(cover has been revised) The book itself is great. It takes kids on a daily adventure with Vicky at her veterinarian clinic. Your child can learn what vets do and learn some vet terms too - such as fleas, pulse, and stethoscope. Kids adore the pictures in this book because they are made of claymation people. The pets are claymation too.

My daughter wanted this kid kit because it had a cat in it just like ours. She actually keeps the figures together next to her bed and plays with them often. Kids enjoy having the figures from a book to play act with. It is so good for imaginative play.

Fred the Firefighter is another kid kit based on the Job's People Do Series. Fred comes with his own ladder and hose. It's not that often you come across a firefighter doll for kids to play with. Other books in this series include Daisy the Doctor, Tessa the Teacher, and Frank the Farmer. You can also get all these titles together in one volume called Jobs People Do for just $22.99. This saves you $18.91 if you were to purchase each book individually.

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