Monday, August 19, 2013

Usborne Books Celebrates 35 years of Stephen Cartwright Illustrations

I have to admit it myself. I love the duck!  Stephen Cartwright was brilliant when he designed the little yellow duck that you have to find on every single one of Usborne's Farmyard Tales books.  That duck is my children's favorite aspect of Usborne Books and it will stay with them forever, as it does with so many of the children who grew up with the Cartwright duck.

For those who are scratching their heads wondering what the heck is the Cartwright duck? Well here he is!

I have had so many people come up to me at Usborne events who just rave and rave about this little duck.  They all share with me how much their kids love him or how much they themselves loved him as a child.  I remember distinctly chatting with a gal at a holiday market in Charlotte, NC who was so happy to see the little yellow duck.  It reminded her so much of her childhood and she stated how she was looking so forward to sharing that little yellow duck with her children someday.  I'm sure Stephen Cartwright had no clue the following this little yellow duck would have when he first drew him on paper.  And to think he was given no name.  He's just merely "the little yellow duck" to all.

You can find the little yellow duck in all of Usborne Books Farmyard Tales stories illustrated by Stephen Cartwright.  On each page there is the little yellow duck to find!


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