Thursday, August 29, 2013

It's Back to School Time ~ Make Homework Time More Enjoyable with Usborne Books' Homework Helpers

It's back to school time which means it's back to homework time.  Even I, the parent, need resources to be able to help my children with their homework.  Usborne Books provides a great array of books to help!

I am going to go over the books pictured above and then add a few of my own that I used frequently with my children.

Grammar and Punctuation: This is a set of wipe-clean cards that will reinforce grammar and punctuation skills that are learned in school. Or if you are a home school family, this set is a great teaching and reinforcement set for those learning grammar and punctuation.  Makes for a fun way to learn and review rather than just on paper. At only $9.99, these are well worth it.  They also come with their own dry erase pen.

The Solar System: This is part of Usborne's Beginners Series.  I had to use this book last year to help my daughter with a project she was working on with the solar system.  Any of the books in this series are a great help. They are internet related which means there are web links in the back of the book that help reinforce the information learned in the text of the book.

What's Math All About: For ages 8 and up.  This book explains more about the principals of math and mathematicians.  I highly recommend the Illustrated Dictionaries of Math for homework help instead.  They go much more into the principals and problem solving of math concepts.  There are three different ones for three different levels: 

I have used these books more than any other for  math homework help and for teaching my children math concepts back when we were homeschooling.   Every home with kids in it needs these books.  There is a set of all three available: Complete Math Collection.

Going to School:  This is an Usborne First Experiences dual reader that is a great read aloud to explain to kids what to expect when they start school.  Illustrated by Stephen Cartwright, there is a little yellow duck to find on every page.

Dictionary of Science:  For ages 12 and up.  This is a fantastic reference guide for biology, physics and chemistry.  This is another book that every household with school aged children need to have.  I cannot tell you how many times we used it last year for my child's science class homework - almost every day!

Essential Atlas of the World:  This book is shown in the picture, however it is being updated at this time.  A much better book for Geography homework help is Usborne's Geography Encyclopedia with Complete World Atlas.  I used this book a lot when we were homeschooling.  And it is an essential reference text to have at home.  It covers cultures, and all geographical topics around the globe.  There is also a very extensive atlas at the back of the book which we used a lot for my daughter last year for her map assignments.  The book itself was so much easier for her to use than to try and find and look at maps online.

There are two other reference books that I want to share with you.  Both will be utilized a lot for homework help for grades fifth on up through high school.  If you have children in these grade spans I highly recommend having these in hand.  They will save your day all the time!

The Usborne Encyclopedia of World History:  This text covers world history from the Big Bang on up through the year 2000.  It is internet-linked which means that each page of the book has topics online that correspond.  This is so helpful for those working on a history project for school.  And for you parents, it's absolutely fascinating to read!

The Usborne Science Encyclopedia:  This text covers just about every science subject your child will learn in school from fifth grade on up through high school.  A must have for science help and great for science projects.  This book is internet-linked too.  My son has used it for all of his science fair projects.

Both the history and science encyclopedias are available in paperback and hardback.  I recommend the hardback as you will use these books a lot!  Also, all three of the internet encyclopedias, geography, history and science are available in a very affordable set:  Internet-Linked Reference Collection.

Having these books I've gone over on hand will make for a much more enjoyable homework time!

Happy Homework!  (is there really such a thing?)

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