Sunday, December 7, 2008

Get Your Reluctant Reader Reading with Usborne Books

The other day my hubby told me he owed me $20.00. "For what?", I asked. I had just gotten home from doing a Holiday Market event with Usborne Books and my husband had gone through a box of books I had brought in. He usually pays no attention to my Usborne Business except when I get my check each month.

So he had gone through the box and had found Illilustrated Stories for Boys. He read through it, thought it was such a nice book. So he gave it to our son and told him it was his book and he'd really enjoy it. "So why do you owe me $20.00?" I asked. "Because I just bought that book from you for Barrett." he said.  I was shocked!

Our son, whose 10, hates to read. We literally have thousands of books in our house, my life revolves around books, and he hates to read on his own. He LOVES books. He loves to have me read to him - it's something we thoroughly enjoy together. Unfortunately I have not been able to get him to establish that LOVE for sitting down and reading a book on his own. He's a great reader too. He has great comprehension and is definitely above grade level for reading.

My hubby was so PROUD when he called me into the doorway of my son's room to spy on him. There was my sweet boy laying on his bed READING Illustrated Stories for Boys. He stayed in his room and read the first 5 stories in one sitting.

Granted this book is below his reading level, but that's ok. There is nothing wrong with kids reading at a lower level for pure enjoyment. It just may get them interested in reading for enjoyment - which is a great thing for them to do!

I have had many parents tell me how Usborne Books changed their child's reading habits. I have heard so many stories from parents about kids who wouldn't read, had no interest in books, but once they picked up an Usborne Book, something happened. This is exactly why Peter Usborne created Usborne Books - to get and keep kids interested in reading. So if you have a reluctant reader, you just may want to get him or her an Usborne Book or two.



Mary in MN said...
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Mary in MN said...

So glad to hear that your son got hooked on reading through one of the best books out there :). My son (age 9) is still not at that "reading voraciously" stage, but I know he'll get there eventually :). Enjoy offering the Usborne books to others, they are such important books to have in the home!