Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Book Give Away - Win the Usborne Book of Your Choice

I'm so excited about this give away! This month, for Free Book Give Away, one lucky person is going to get a FREE Usborne book of their choice. Yes, you read that right. You get to pick what ever Usborne book it is that you would like to win. I am also going to offer a couple of extra ways to earn more chances for the Free Book Give Away. Here's how it'll work:

Browse through my site at and select THE Usborne book that you would like to win the most. Leave a comment naming the book you would like to win and why you would like that book. It's that simple. Make sure you leave your email address or a way for me to be able to track back to your email so I can notify you if you win. Winner will be randomly selected at noon on Jan. 20th.

There are five other ways you can earn more entries to win your book:

1. Post about the give away on your blog.
2. Twitter the book give away link.
3. Follow Me on Twitter.
4. Grab my button and put it on your blog or website.
5. Set up your own eshow. Did you know you can earn quite a bit of free books (a whole lot more than 1) by hosting an online show? You don't have to clean your house nor do you have to make food. All you have to do is promote your eshow by emailing it to your online guests. Oh, and in Jan. hostesses earn double free books. Yes I said DOUBLE FREE books. You can set up your eshow here.

If you have done any of the above for extra entries into the drawing, please make an individual comment for each - include email and your chosen book for each entry again too.

You can also enter Usborne's monthly drawing for $50.00 in free books. Enter here, or on the brown button on the side bar.

Have fun! And enjoy the gift of reading with your children.


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Teach Your Child How To Clean Their Room

Now that Christmas is over and my kids have even more toys and books than they had before, I decided we needed to reorganize. My daughter is great at keeping her room fairly clean and her items in an orderly fashion. It's my son that is horrendous at this. I'm sure there are some other moms out there with a child like my son, so I thought I'd share some tips. Oh! And if you'd like to win "3 Steps to Organizing Your Child's Room, go to Organizer Sandy, she's giving that and two other organizing books away.

TEACH Your Child How To Clean Their Room - Unfortunately kids aren't born with the natural gift to be able to clean their rooms properly. Nor are they born with the desire to clean their rooms. So we must TEACH them how to do this. For some kids this is a much harder task to do than for others. For my son, it's almost an impossibility. If we take it in small steps, it becomes a great possibility for him,. He is always so proud of his work once the room is clean again.

I have the kids do one task at a time. I have them put all the books away, then put all the legos in a bin, put all the dolls or stuffed animals in their proper place, etc. Break it down into small tasks so your child doesn't feel overwhelmed.

Make Sure They Know What is EXPECTED - My husband will say "Go clean your room.". So my son will go clean his room, which to him means, straighten the covers on the bed so the sheets aren't showing and clear a path from the door to the bed. My son will be so proud of that effort and then dad goes in there and tells him he didn't do a thing! Uh, yes he did. He did what he thought you wanted him to do.

Let your child know what you expect them to do in order for you to think they have actually cleaned their room. As stated above, break it down for them and tell them what you want done. You literally have to spell it out for them. If you don't tell them, they won't know what it is you want done.

It's OK to HELP Them - We all would love it if someone helped us clean the kitchen or living room or especially the bathroom. It's ok to help them. It makes the time go faster for them, and believe it or not, you may actually have a grand time with your child. They will also pick up and learn some of your cleaning habits if they see how you do things.

REWARD Them For Their Effort - I don't believe in paying my kids to do regular stuff around the house they should be doing anyway. But to have a nice treat ready for them after all their hard work is a nice reward.

Fraybaby sent me this link to Getting Kids to Clean Their Rooms. There's more tips in that article for you. Also, don't forget to go over to Organizer Sandy so you can win 3 Steps to Organizing Your Child's Room. Contest ends Dec. 30th.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Usborne's First Pets Series Help Children Learn How to Take Care of Their Pets

My son begged and begged for a Fancy Mouse for Christmas. He is so very lucky that Santa thought he was a such a good boy this year and deserved what he wanted. I always had these cute little mice as pets when I was a kid, so I was all for it. It was my hubby that needed to be talked into it. Too funny.

So once the mouse arrived, my son told me to go get the Usborne book on mice. He just assumes that Usborne has a book on every topic he ever needs - and usually he's right. So I got him out the Hamsters IL book. I know it's not an actual mouse book, but hamsters and mice are similar.

If you're not familiar with Usborne's First Pets Series, these are great books that introduce kids to their first type of pet. The series includes Dogs and Puppies, Cats and Kittens, Hamsters, Gerbils, and Guinea Pigs. They take the kids through steps on how to take care of the pet, from choosing the right pet, to feeding it, to playing with it, to what the pet is trying to tell you by how it is acting. Each book is internet-linked which means you can find a wealth of information on each page topic online at the site. My son found this video of a hamster being groomed. I can't believe that thing sits so still for that! It must love it.

My son loves his new little critter pet. It's cage has a detachable compartment so my son brings that mouse with him wherever he goes. That's a very loved mouse.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Not Too Late to Become an Usborne Books Consultant in '08

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Get Your Reluctant Reader Reading with Usborne Books

The other day my hubby told me he owed me $20.00. "For what?", I asked. I had just gotten home from doing a Holiday Market event with Usborne Books and my husband had gone through a box of books I had brought in. He usually pays no attention to my Usborne Business except when I get my check each month.

So he had gone through the box and had found Illilustrated Stories for Boys. He read through it, thought it was such a nice book. So he gave it to our son and told him it was his book and he'd really enjoy it. "So why do you owe me $20.00?" I asked. "Because I just bought that book from you for Barrett." he said.  I was shocked!

Our son, whose 10, hates to read. We literally have thousands of books in our house, my life revolves around books, and he hates to read on his own. He LOVES books. He loves to have me read to him - it's something we thoroughly enjoy together. Unfortunately I have not been able to get him to establish that LOVE for sitting down and reading a book on his own. He's a great reader too. He has great comprehension and is definitely above grade level for reading.

My hubby was so PROUD when he called me into the doorway of my son's room to spy on him. There was my sweet boy laying on his bed READING Illustrated Stories for Boys. He stayed in his room and read the first 5 stories in one sitting.

Granted this book is below his reading level, but that's ok. There is nothing wrong with kids reading at a lower level for pure enjoyment. It just may get them interested in reading for enjoyment - which is a great thing for them to do!

I have had many parents tell me how Usborne Books changed their child's reading habits. I have heard so many stories from parents about kids who wouldn't read, had no interest in books, but once they picked up an Usborne Book, something happened. This is exactly why Peter Usborne created Usborne Books - to get and keep kids interested in reading. So if you have a reluctant reader, you just may want to get him or her an Usborne Book or two.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Chriistmas Gifts, Activities, Prizes from Usborne Books

Christmas is coming!

That's Not My Santa
That's Not My Angel
These two NEW Christmas Books are perfect gifts for young children. Bright colorful illustrations and textures to touch and feel on every page help children develop language and sensory skills. Carsyn just loves his Touchy-Feely That's Not My Dinosaur.

See the complete selection of Touchy-Feely Books from Usborne.

Child reading

Win a set of activity books

To get you in a festive mood, we have three fantastic sets of Christmas activity books to give away in our Christmas drawing. Each set includes a copy of Christmas Fun, Christmas Fairy Things to Make and Do, and the fabulously creative Little Book of Christmas Cooking.

For your chance to win one of these sets or other prizes, enter the Christmas Drawing on the Usborne Website.

Drawing will be held December 12th

News flash!

We're thrilled to announce that Story of Inventions has been awarded the 2008 Parent's Choice Silver Honor Award. Toasters, toilets and televisions, computers, cars and chocolate bars, flying machines and even your jeans, all these everyday things and many more are only here because someone bothered to invent them. This book reveals the real-life stories and bright sparks behind dozens of brilliant inventions.

You could win one of five copies of this book or other fantastic giveaways in our Christmas Drawing! Enter today!

Drawing will be held December 12th

See other Usborne Award Winning Titles.

Story of Inventions

Baby's first Christmas

Christmas Lullabies Enjoy the magic of baby's first Christmas with Usborne's delightful Christmas Lullabies book and CD.

Listen to a tune from Christmas Lullabies CD.

See the complete range of Usborne Christmas books.

Perfect gifts!

Wind-up Tractor Book Books make perfect gifts - and they're easy to wrap, too! You will find plenty of fun Usborne books, activities, and games the whole family will enjoy. Be sure to check out our award-winning Wind-up Tractor Book, Sticker Books, Activity Cards, and classic stories for boys and girls.

Register in our Christmas Drawing and you could win a Wind-up Tractor Book or other great gifts!

Drawing will be held December 12th

Christmas activities

Christmas Fun And finally, some Usborne Christmas Activities you can download and enjoy today! Take a sneak peak inside Christmas Fun and make your own custom gift tags – and try this great idea from The Usborne Christmas Treasury Kid Kit create Snowman Christmas Cards with just a little paper, markers, and scissors.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This is My Kitten - Usborne Noisy Touchy-Feely

What a delightful book this is! Recommended for ages 6 months and up, This is My Kitten is a great book to get little ones interested in books. As with other books in Usborne's touchy-feely series, there are different tectures for kids to feel. Kids will enjoy feeling the kittens soft ears and fluffy tail. They will also be delighted to hear kitten "meow"!