Friday, August 22, 2008

Keep Your Kids Busy with Usborne's Big Book of Things To Make and Do

This is a painting my daughter did back when she was just 4 1/2 years old. I had just started with Usborne and she always had to be painting, so I found some wonderful painting activities for her in The Big Book of Things to Do.

This is such an awesome project. It actually walked Em through the steps to complete this adorable penguin picture. I kept one color of paint out at a time for her. When she was done with that color, we washed the brush and got the next color out. There was quite of bit of waiting for paint to dry, so that worked out perfectly. For instance, first she painted the blue background. Then she had to wait for that to dry. Then she brushed some white paint over the blue paint. Then she had to wait for that to dry. She had to do this with each step. By waiting for each step to dry, you end up with a wonderful masterpiece instead of a big swirly mess of brown or icky colors. You also end up with a clean table instead of one full of messy paints to clean up.

Also included in The Big Book of Things to Do are activities for growing plants and gardens, cooking, drawing, arts and crafts, dress up, and other painting activities. For only 18.95, you can't go wrong with this book. It is full of enough activities to keep you busy for a full school year!


TMinut said...

That's an incredible painting for a 4 year old, at least I think so. I love to hear about mothers doing things like this with their children, encouraging their passions and introducing them to new ones. They don't know what's out there to do unless someone shows them. I liked reading about your son and his mummy too!

bhawana kapoor said...

nice painting for a four n a half year old.