Sunday, August 11, 2013

50 Things to Draw and Paint ~ One of Usborne Books Greatest Craft Books!

50 Things to Draw and Paint is such an awesome craft book!  It walks kids step by step through the process to either draw or paint what it on the page.  There are 50 different drawing and painting activities ranging from horse painting, fingerprint dinosaurs, wax resist fish to a watery picture.  These are activities that kids of all ages can do.  

One of the reasons why I love Usborne's art and activity books so much is that they are instilling some great art principals for my kids.  Each of them are developing a talent to draw.  My older son, who grew up with these fine books has developed an incredible drawing talent. So much so, that he is now studying art in high school and plans to pursue it more in college.  And where did he get his art foundations from? Usborne activity books!

This book, along with some paper, paint supplies and drawing utensils make a great gift!  I have these made up into gift baskets at my booth events and they are always the first to go!  Definitely makes for a different and useful gift.

Here is a Fairy Picture drawing my daughter made from this book:

And here is the page out of  50 Things to Draw and Paint that it came from:

So simple and fun!  This book has created hours of joy for my kids.  

Other books in this series include:  50 Rainy Day Activities, 50 Science Things to Make and Do, 50 Easter Things to Make and Do.


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