Thursday, August 15, 2013

It's Best Friend's Day!

It's Best Friends Day! What better book to share on this great day than A Friend by Anette Bley.  

"I wish I had a friend to play with on grey and rainy days. Someone to get in trouble with when I feel like playing tricks. Someone to dance and laugh with when I am happy. A friend who is quiet with me when I feel sad."

This is such an awesome book that teaches children about all the different friends they will have throughout life. It's a fantastic book for those children who are just setting out on their adventure of gathering friends and even for those who have had a life long venture with their friends.  It's such a happy and uplifting book!

"Friends are an important part of anybody’s life, and this book encourages children to see the importance of their friendships." Oneota Reading Journal (2010)


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