Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Moon Landing Got Kids Interested in Studying Space - One of the Best Books for Kids to Study Space is Usborne's First Encyclopedia of Space!

Forty two years ago today my dad sat me down in front of our black and white TV and said "I want you to watch this. Pay attention so you remember it." I'm glad he told me that. I made sure I paid attention, and I do remember watching Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the first time in man's history. Since then kids have been entranced with learning about the moon and space - my own son included!

If my son grows up to be an astronomer or astrophysicist I won't be surprised. He loves everything about space. He studies everything he can find on the subject. I'm not sure where that all started with him, but I do know that his first space book was Usborne's First Encyclopedia of Space. It's geared towards kids 8 and up, but he LOVED to have
me read it to him when he was 3. Clearly his love for space started before then,
as I bought the book out of his preschool book fair flyer cause I knew he'd love it. Little did I know that 3 years later, it would be that very book that would get me started in my Usborne Books business!

The First Encyclopedia of Space takes kids through everything they need to learn at a young age on space. It covers all the planets, the moon, stars, the sun. It's put together in classic Usborne fashion with cutout images and small snipets of information on each page. No wonder my son wanted me to read that all them time to him! It's such a fun and engaging book.

And! It's internet linked so after you go over a page with your child, or he/she reads the page themselves, they can go online to to explore more on the subject of space. Almost every page in the book has internet links to it. For example on the Satellites page, the quicklink is Build Your Own Satellite online. This provides even more fun activity for the kids on space. There's even online games connected to many pages based on the subject.

If you have your own space buff, or are teaching children about space you can purchase the book here. Purchase

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Happy Reading!

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