Friday, August 21, 2015

When Did Kids Stop Playing Kick the Can?

Do you remember playing Kick the Can?  Do your kids play kick the can?  For some reason, I think my generation may have been the last to have enjoyed this evening past time that kept us busy on hot, summer nights.  After dinner, as the sun started to set, every kid on our block, about 20 or so of us, would meet down the block to play.  All you needed was one coffee can, which someone stole out of their basement.  Moms kept coffee cans for no apparent reason back then, so I'm sure it wasn't missed.  This blast of a game didn't cost any of us one penny!  The best part of the game was all the noise that can made when someone got to it and kicked it really hard!  It's truly amazing what small things amused kids back then!

How do you play Kick the Can?  It's simple.

~ Gather a group of friends

~ Someone needs to bring along an empty coffee can (no lid is needed)

~ Select your play area (a large space with lots of bushes, trees, and things to hide behind)

~ Put your coffee can in the middle of your play area (this should be an open space)

~ Pick someone to be "It" for the first round (volunteers are always nice)

~ Whomever is "It" stands by the coffee can, closes his eyes, and counts to 50 or 100 while all the other players hide.  When "It" gets to the end of counting he or she shouts really loud so everyone can hear "Ready, or not, here I come!"  Then "It" proceeds to look for other players.

~ When "Its" finds a player, he or she must shout there name and that person must run to the can and kick it really hard.  If "It" catches them and tags them then they are out.  If the player makes it to the can and kicks it, he or she may hide again while "It" resets the can.

~ This play continues until there is only one person left to kick the can. 

~ Then the group selects another "It" and you replay for hours and hours of great fun!

*What's even more amazing is we played this not only in the dark, but in the street and the entire neighborhood.  We hid in people's bushes, back yards, you name it.  And not once did anyone get hurt, hit by a car and most of all yelled by an adult for us being in their yards!  People let kids play back then.  This was the '70's.  If kids were playing Kick the Can on my block tonight, I may just join them!

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