Monday, November 24, 2008

Teach Kids Rhyming with the Learning Pallette

My daughter had a rough time grasping the concept of rhyming words. I had a friend tell me yesterday that her daughter was having a problem with rhyming words. So I explained to her what helped my daughter catch on - and she caught on quick!

Usborne Books carries Learning Palettes. These are great, self-correcting learning tools. Kids have fun with them and work independently at their own pace. I didn't realize how great these were until a friend of mine, who is a teacher, bought the Kindergarten Reading Center Kit from me. She raved and raved about them it. So as a home school mom, I decided that maybe the Rhyming Words Set would help my daughter grasp the rhyming concept. It worked! Soon I had just about every set. My kids love to use these. It's not hard to get them to learn while using the Learning Palette because the kids have so much fun with it.

The way the Learning Palette works is you remove the colored discs (shown on the picture above). Then place the card, question side up on the base. The kids answer the questions by placing the corresponding color disk in the slot with the correct answer. After completing all 12 questions, turn the card over and check the answers. If done correctly the colors on the card will match.

Math sets are also available.

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