Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Usborne Dot-To-Dot Book - Best Dot-to-Dot Book Ever

Most kids LOVE to do dot-to-dots. I know I did as a kid, and my daughter will do every dot-to-dot she can get her hands on. Dot-to-dots are a great activity to help your children develop number skills and learn the order numbers go in. Plus they are great for eye/hand coordination and learning to use a writing utensil properly.

The Usborne Dot-To-Dot Book will provide hours of fun for your kids. It is a combined volume that contains 168 pages of dot-to-dots from 7 individual Usborne dot-to-dot books. This combined volume includes the following: animals, dinosaurs, farms, machines, nature, seaside, and space.

My daughter is working in this book right now as I write this post. She just turned the page and said "Aw cool!! I get to do a snow place!" She's so excited!

At just 12.95 you can't go wrong with this activity book for your kids. It will keep them entertained at home, in the car, while waiting at the doctor's office, and just about anywhere else they need to keep busy. It's also a fun book to add into your home school curriculum for seat work.


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