Thursday, September 8, 2011

Two Fun Poems by Jack Prelutsky

    My daughter loves poetry.  Well she loves fun, catchy poetry. When we read these poems by Jack Prelutsky for school today they really caught her attention.  She doesn't even like dinosaurs, but she loves these poems!  They are catchy. 
And I love how Seismosaurus teaches kids different words that mean 



Iguanodon, Iguanodon,
whatever made you fade,
you've traveled on, Iguanodon,
we wish you could have stayed.

Iguanodon, Iguanodon,
we've sought you everywhere,
both here and yon, Iguanodon,
but failed to find you there.

Iguanodon, Iguanodon,
you were a gentle kind, but now you're gone, Iguanodone,
and left your bones behind.


Seismosaurus was enormous,
Seismosaurus was tremendous,
Seismosaurus was prodigious,
Seismosaurus was stupendous.

Seismosaurus was titanic,
Seismosaurus was colossal,
Seismosaurus now is nothing
but a monumental fossil.

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