Saturday, March 14, 2009

Usborne's Jigsaw World Atlas - A Great Way to Teach Your Kids the Continents of the World

As my kids were learning the continents, I used Usborne's Jigsaw Atlas of the World to help them have a "hands on" learning experience with the continents. Each page of the book is a different puzzle for each continent. My kids loved taking the puzzle out and putting it back together again. On each puzzle page is a map of the particular continent you are are studying along with highlights from each continent.

Each continent also has its own search and find game. For Europe kids need to find the Eiffel Tower, flamenco dancers, narwhal whales and the Leaning Tower of Pisa to name a few. It's cute too because the middle puzzle piece is a reflection of the continent it comes from. Africa's center piece is an elephant.

Your kids will remember all the continents and a little bit about each one, because they enjoy working with each page. This also helps them to remember the names of each continent.

This book is great for teachers to use as center work, for home schoolers, and for parents who want to work with their kids. My kids had so much fun with this book. It's almost a shame they are too old for it now, but they sure did get their use out of it.


PS - As I write this I notice that all the puzzle pages have been put in backwards by someone (I'm sure my son). Too funny

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