Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Titles From Usborne Books!

New titles have just arrived in the Usborne Books warehouse and are ready to be shipped to the homes of happy readers! There are some great new titles that I will highlight below for you.

Apollo is such a cute book! It's about a little wiener dog that teaches preschoolers math concepts in a very fun way. There is also Counting With Apollo which obviously teaches kids to count.

Dan's Angel: A Detective's Guide to the Language of Paintings. This is a fantastic book to teach art appreciation to your kids.

My daughter absolutely loves this book! It's clearly above her reading level, but since I have it in my house for my Usborne business, she reads it about 5 times a day. Kids are fascinated with this topic, and
Everyone Poops shows kids just how Everyone Poops!

I've been waiting for the US to get this series from the UK. Lizzie's Wish is part of the Historical House series which charts the life and times of girls who have lived at 6 Chelsea Walk during some of histories most fascinating times. Lizzie's Wish is about Lizzie, who lived during the 1850's at 6 Chelsea Walk. Other books in this series are: Mary and Miss Mozart, 1764; Cecily's Portrait, 1895; Polly's March, 1914; Josie Under Fire, 1941; and Andie's Moon, 1969. For ages 10 and up. Each book includes internet links so readers can learn more about life during the time of the setting of the book.

See Inside Famous Buildings is a great lift-the-flap book that shows kids the inside of some of the world's most famous buildings.

The Story of Science is a wonderful introduction for children to the brilliant brains behind some of the greatest scientific discoveries in history. It includes fascinating facts about black holes, magnets, DNA, diseases, atoms, and x-rays. It also makes complex ideas fun to learn. Includes internet links.

Kids will love the touchy-feely patches in This is My Tractor. Patches show bumpy wheels, shiny paint, and sparkly lights. Kids will also love to press the sound button that makes the tractor go "brrm, brrm!"

These are just a few of Usborne's new titles. You may check out the full list of new titles here.

Happy Reading!

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