Friday, February 6, 2009

The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness by Colin Thompson - A Great New Addition to Usborne Books

Last Friday evening I got to preview a lot of the new Kane Miller books that Usborne Books now will be carrying. I got to see first hand how these new Kane Miller books will add to the emotional appeal of our customers. Usborne Books are such wonderful educational books and help in building the intelligence of your kids. Kane Miller, will add in the emotions. These are the books that pull at the heart strings of kids and the parents and teachers who read these books to their kids. You are reading to your kids, aren't you?

Of the 40 or so books I got to preview last Friday at our Usborne supervisor dinner, The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness was my favorite. Kane Miller has a lot of great books, but this one especially stuck out in my mind even after I went home that night.
It's the story of a little boy who lives with his grandmother. Every day he visits the pound. On one visit he finds a scruffy dog there with only three legs. The book is actually a bit funny and sad, yet it is so sweet, because this boy starts making legs for this dog and they end up so happy together. Hence the title - The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness. Even I end up describing the book like that.

Sweet, sweet book - your kids will love it!

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