Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Usborne Books Home Business is Growing in the Midst of this Economic Downturn

The Home Business Division of Educational Development Corporation unveiled a new name this month - Usborne Books and More. This underscores EDC's committment to educational excellence, providing economic opportunity and fostering strong family values.

"Changing our name illustrates an extension of our mission to offer the best quality books at a reasonable price, encourage the education of our nation's children, and ensure thier future success, " said Randall White, CEO. "Twenty years ago we began the Home Business Division of EDC, and it has grown from a small beginning to a nationally recognized company with over 8,000 consultants throughout the United States. Usborne Books and More offers a wide variety of programs with which the sales consultants can build a successful home business: home shows, school and library sales, book fairs, reading incentive programs, grant matching programs, web sales and much more.

Coinciding with the introduction of a new name, EDC, recently acquired Kane/Miller Publishing, a well-known, international publisher of children's books. Their products will enhance the existing product lines, and include award-winning books from around the world, such as Everyone Poops, Jack Russell: Dog Detective, Hannah's Winter, and Unique Monique.

Contact me for more info about the Usborne Books and More product line, earning free books for your family, or how you can join my team and help spread literacy across America.

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