Sunday, July 5, 2009

Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer with Usborne's Summer Activities

Summer is upon us, and the kids have been home for a while now. Have you already been hearing "There's nothing to do.", "I'm bored!". I certainly have.

Usborne Books has a neat Summer Activities book that will keep your kids busy. Filled with stickers and lots of activities for your kids to do, it'll keep them busy and out of your hair. They can make Floating Fish, Picnic Cheese Tarts (which are delicious!), Printed Crab Pictures, Concertina Caterpillars, Bug and Bee Prints, Diving Dolphins, Cheesy Snakes and Caterpillars (these are delicious too!), and much more!

Each activity includes pictures of the finished product and easy to follow step by step directions. My children have made many of these projects and even go back to the book to make them again. They really like the Cheesy Snakes and Caterpillars.

For just $6.95, you can't go wrong with Usborne's Summer Activities. It's well worth it to keep your kids busy over the summer. Grandma and your babysitter may enjoy it too with your kids.


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Kris said...

This sounds great. I would much rather seeing the kids creating something than watching TV or playing video games.