Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kids LOVE Usborne's Jobs People Do Book

Jobs People Do
is a book that kids just LOVE. Every time I see a child pick this book up, they spend lots of time perusing each page. They love the claymation people. Even my hubby tonight told me "I can see why kids spend so much time with this book. There's so much for them to look at. If I were a kid I'd have a blast looking at all this stuff."

Another reason why kids love this book is because it is so realistic. It shows them the day in the life of careers that kids usually dream of being - a vet, a doctor, a fireman, a teacher, a farmer, and a chef.

My daughter has had me sit down and read this book to her over and over and over again. She particularly loves Vicky the Vet, even though she aspires to be a chef someday. Now that she can read on her own, this is still a book she picks up to read and look before she goes to bed. That of course is AFTER our reading time together. Remember, kids still LOVE to be read to even after they learn to read.

Another neat thing that is included in the book is the sets of words that come after each story. For instance, after Sam the Chef, there are Chef word such as broth, creme brulee, fettuccine, and sorbet, so kids learn words associated with each profession. Some even have a quiz after them. Frank the Farmer has a farm quiz which includes safety tips on the farm.

Jobs People Do is just $22.99. It is a combined volume of six books that you can also purchase individually if you choose. The individual books are Frank the Farmer, Sam the Chef, Daisy the Doctor, Fred the Firefighter, Tessa the Teacher, and Vicky the Vet. Each individual book is $6.99, so the combined volume saves you 18.95! Makes a great gift for any child in your life.


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