Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Usborne's Reading 2 Series Gift Books Gives A Great Introduction To The Classics For Young Readers

Heidi. An all time classic by Johanna Spyri. Last night my daughter pulled this Usborne condensed version of Heidi off her shelf. We sat down and read it together. She absolutely loved it! I told her, "Em, you know there is a long version of this book. Do you want me to read it to you?". "Oh yes!", she said.

So I've been selling Usborne books for over four years now, and last night my daughter taught be a very crucial thing about how great Usborne books are! I had tried to sit down and read "Heidi" to her and my son before. They lost interest after a few pages. But last night, in just 64 pages, with beautiful illustrations, my daughter became mesmerized by the story. So today we started on the long version of "Heidi". My daughter even got her brother to sit down and listen along.

So what's the moral of what I am trying to say here? Usborne's Reading Series books of the classics introduces kids to these great literary works. Kids read the condensed version, and it opens their eyes, and hearts to a fabulous story that they don't want to end. And you know what happens? They go from reading a book that is 64 pages long, and beautifully illustrated, to reading a book that is 278 pages long with only 2 illustrations in the whole book. Do you see what I am getting at?!?!? It turns these kids into avid readers and book lovers!

Usborne's Reading Series Gift Books include many of the classics. Schools are shying away from requiring students to read the classics. This is a shame, as reading the classics help children build their vocabulary and moral upbringing.

You can't go wrong getting a child any of these books. Nowadays kids don't have the attention span to read 278 page books. But if a 64 page book will teach them the story, or get them interested in the long version, then you have well gotten your money's worth out the $6.99 you will spend for one of these books.

Happy Reading!

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