Thursday, October 8, 2015

Top 10 Things Teenagers Do in 2015

What did you do when you were a teenager?  We drove around, I think that was called "cruising' " back in the day.  Listened to our records. We went to movies. Out for pizza.  Miniature golf.  Just plain goofed off. 

What do teenagers do today in the year 2015?  Here are their top 10 activities:

1.  Scroll through Instagram on their phone

2.  Text their friends on their phone

3.  Listen to music on their phone

4.  Watch videos on their phone

5.  Snapchat on their phone

6.  Surf on their phone

7.  Take selfies on their phone

8.  Share selfies from their phone

9.  Charge their phone

and if we're lucky . . .

10.  Text mom or dad on their phone

Unfortunately this is true!

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