Friday, December 18, 2009

Conspiracy 365 Series Gets Kids Excited About Reading!

Twelve exciting books in twelve exciting months. This is what the Conspiracy 365 series brings to readers aged 11 - 15, and even above that age range. If you are looking for something to get teenage boys and even teenage girls interested in reading this series will definitely work for you! I know. I have an 11 year old boy who is a fantastic reader, yet has no interest in reading on his own. As soon as I got this book in, he couldn't put it down. If fact he and his dad were even fighting over it!

Conspiracy 365 is an action packed story that takes Callum Ormond on a major adventure for an entire year (hence the 365 - it takes place over 365 days). Each book takes place over a specific month. The book is broken down into days and different times of the day, so there aren't long chapters to read. The page numbers also go backwards. That's the first thing my son noticed about the book. He thought that was so cool! "It tells you how many pages you have left to read!", he said. That's pretty important information for boys his age.

So many kids are excited about this series! I love it because it got my boy, who didn't like to read chapter books to read them!

Don't blink. Don't forget to breath.

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