Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get the Usborne Books Business Builder Kit for Half Price in January 2010 - Only $99 to Get Started!

What better way to start off a new decade and a new year than with a NEW business! If you are looking for a way to make extra money, a new career, or just something fun to do in your spare time - consider becoming an Usborne Books and More consultant. This is a rewarding business that lets you help spread literacy in your own community with award winning books that children LOVE to read.

I've always known this, but this year I've learned first hand how this business transforms as your life transforms. That is the glory of this business! It changes for you as your own family and life circumstances change. We homeschool our children, and it was because I loved the books so much that I started dabbling with Usborne. Actually it was my son that liked the books so much, that I had to get him more of them. Luckily I've been slowly building a strong Usborne books business over the past 4 years. Even though I homeschool, I am able to fit Usborne into our family schedule quite nicely. In Nov. when my husband was laid off, we were fortunate that I have this great business. It sure kept our anxiety down, and I have the opportunity to keep our family afloat!

What do you do as an Usborne consultant? There's a whole lot of different things you can do. You can do as many or as few of what I am about to tell you below:

-You can help families earn FREE books for their kids by doing in-home book shows (like a Tupperware party or Pampered Chef party, but with children's books).

-You can help schools and organizations earn FREE books and cash by doing Usborne book fairs for them.

-You can help schools and organization get FREE books with Usborne's 50% matching grant program, Literacy for a Lifetime.

-You can help get kids excited about reading with, Reach for the Stars, Usborne's reading incentive program.

-You can build a nice web business online or add to your online business. Your January Half Price Starter Kit includes your own website so people can order online.

-You can promote Usborne Books out in your community at local festivals, fairs, and trade shows.

-You can sell to schools and libraries and help teachers and media specialists make informed decisions on books for their classrooms and libraries.

-You can build a team of people who are excited about promoting literacy and make a HUGE impact on the children in your community.

The sky is the limit with Usborne. Take a look at the Usborne Books business opportunity. For only $99.00 plus shipping and tax, you can get the full Usborne Books Business Builder Kit. You get 31 books, all the supplies you need to get started - order forms, flyers, catalogs, etc., great training and support from the Usborne home office, and your own website so people can order on line. Oh! And you get me as your supervisor, who will help you ever step of the way to build your own successful Usborne Books and More business.

Questions? Email me at

Looking forward to having you on my team of Usborne Success Builders!

Kristie Glascock
Executive Supervisor
Usborne Books and More


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