Saturday, May 15, 2010

Eeek! There's a Mouse About the House is Usborne Books longstanding #1 Best Seller

There's a mouse about the house! has been Usborne Book's #1 best selling book for many years. There's a reason for that best seller status - kids LOVE the book! It's a book they will ask you to read over and over and over again. That's ok. As a mom, I know kids want some of the same books read to them almost every night. It might get boring to us, but it instills a love of reading in your little one that will last a lifetime.

It's the little grey mouse that makes this book so fun to preschoolers and those kids just on the cusp of learning to read. My daughter loves this mouse so much she named it Messy Mouse.

Your child will have a blast moving the mouse from page to page throughout the book. It's very interactive! Start the mouse coming through the slot in the floor board of the house, and he maneuvers his way throughout the whole house with the help of your little one. All they have to do is have the mouse follow the dotted line - which teaches pre-writing skills. The mouse moves from left to right across the page which helps to reinforce to children that they will read books from left to right. The mouse ends up in a covered cheese plate and safely escapes the cat that has been waiting all night for him. Holding the mouse and helping him go through the slot from page to page also enstills fine motor skills for little fingers.

If your child loves There's a mouse about the house! they are sure to love The Squirrel's Tale which is another book in Usborne's slot book series. This book has a squirrel that goes through the forest looking for nuts. It's so much fun too!

You can recieve There's a mouse about the house! in the May 2010 Starter Kit or the Business Builder kit when you start your own Usborne Books business.


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