Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Really Cool to Send Usborne Books to Africa. Help Ethiopia Reads with their Wishlist of Books.

Your generosity will be matched by 50%!

Help stock Ethiopian libraries with books.

We have an urgent and exciting request.

1. In May, Books for Africa will ship a container with 40,000 books to Ethiopia Reads libraries for children.

2. Books for Aftrica has a warehouse full of books but not the simple, colorful non-fiction books that the libraray managers in Ethiopia ask for most.

3. Usborne Books will match all donations made on the Ethiopia Reads wishlist at 50% - so your donation will grow by half!

4. Go to this page - you can order one book or a hundred books to be sent to Ethiopia. Your donation will automatically be matched by 50%!

5. Go to this page if you would like to purchase books for the beloved children in your life. Usborne will match these purchases as well!

It's that simple...that hands on...and more helpful than a spare raincoat in a typhoon!

The children of Ethiopia thank you for your incredible support!

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