Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Boy Who Still Loves To Be Read To

My daughter still LOVES to be read to at night before bed.  We read a lot of non-fiction science and history along with longer picture books and a chapter from a classic.  I did the same with my son when he was younger.  We read and read and read.  Reading time was his favorite part of the day.  It used to be that even though he thought he was too old to be read to any more, he would still come in and sit on his sister's bed when I started reading.  He still wanted to be a part of reading time.  Well, now that he is in high school, he doesn't dare join in on reading time - "That's for kids" he says.  

But I will tell you this!  The door to his room is right by the door to my daughter's room.  I have noticed that he makes sure his door is open at reading time.  I also have noticed that he pipes in and makes all sorts of comments about what we are reading!  He expounds on the non-fiction topics at hand so as to teach his sister a bit more about what is in the book.  He also comments on the fiction.  So ha!  He still enjoys reading time!  He still loves to be read to just as he always has. He just doesn't want to admit it!  I truly think and hope that some of my children's fondest childhood memories will be of us reading together.

Read to your children EVERY night! Read to them no matter if they can read on their own or not, and read to them no matter how old they are.  Read four or five smaller books or pages from non-fiction books on subjects that interest them.  You can even read to them about a topic that you would like for them to learn more about.  Not only are they learning and developing stronger reading skills, you are building a bond between you and your child that will never be broken.  

Happy Reading!


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