Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Usborne Human Body Sticker Book is a Fun Way for Kids to Reinforce Learning About the Body

The Usborne Human Body Sticker Book is a fantastic way to teach kids about they body.  It's also a fun tool to supplement with what your child is learning in his/her science or health class.  With true Usborne style, this book has snippets of an incredible amount of information on each page.  Having stickers to use after each topic that they learn helps to reinforce everything their brain has just taken in.  There is also a glossary at the back that defines each term in a concise format for memorization.  It even includes terms for the body parts in Latin and Greek.

We just used this book this week. My daughter is learning about cell structure in science right now.  After she had studied this topic in school and BEFORE she took her final test on the subject, I had her work on the Looking Closer  and The Secret in Cells pages.  It reiterated many of the facts that I knew were going to be on her test, especially that Robert Hooke discovered cells in 1665.  One full page is devoted to what is inside a cell.  As I knew she would have to diagram and know each definition of what constructs a cell, this was a very useful review for her.  Having stickers of each major cell part to match into the diagram of the cell is not only a visual, but also kinetic learning activity.  My daughter said this actually helped her as she was able to visually remember putting those stickers on the smaller cell parts.
The stickers for Looking Closer and The Secret in the Cell pages.
I hope The Usborne Human Body Sticker Book will be a big help to you, and I am sure your children will enjoy learning with it.

Happy Studying!

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