Friday, August 13, 2010

Round Robin Storytelling - A Great Way to Help Children Think and Put Ideas and Words Together

Children love to hear stories. They also love to tell stories.

Make up a fun story, and ask your child to tell you how it ends. This is a great way to help children think and learn to put ideas and words together.

My children and I have a blast doing this together. We call them Round Robin Stories. One of us starts the story, usually with "Once upon a time..." and we take turns telling the next sentence or two of three of the story. It's so much fun to hear how the story takes a turn as each different personality puts their spin to the story. Of course my son has to add bombs and fire and crazy animals that end up eating our characters or destroy our castles. My daughter then tries to turn the story back around, but eventually everything is obliterated. We have happy endings when just my daughter and I play Round Robin Stories together.

This is such a great way to spend good quality time with your kids. They usually remember the really good stories we have come up with, and they love to illustrate alot of them. There is so much you can do with your kids with this activity, and the benefits to them are endless!

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