Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sticker Dressing Knights - Usborne's Finally Done it A Sticker Dressing Book for Boys!

All little girls love Usborne's Sticker Dolly Dressing books! They spend hours dressing and redressing ballerinas, movie stars, princesses, fairies and all sorts of different dolls. Many of you have asked for Usborne to come out with a Sticker Dolly Dressing version for boys. I am so thrilled to tell you Usborne has listened! Here is the first Sticker Dressing book for boys - Knights. Notice they did take the "Dolly" out of the title for the boys series. Whew!

This book follows along just as the other versions. Lots of stickers to dress lots of different knights in lots of different situations. If you have a boy who loves knights and castles or even just loves playing with stickers, Sticker Dressing Knights is THE book for him!

What's the next sticker book you would like to see come out?


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