Friday, August 27, 2010

Very First Reading Set - Usborne's Newest Reading Program

The Very First Reading Set, published by Usborne Books, is a series of 15 books designed to help beginning readers learn to read on their own with confidence. Each book in the series builds on what the reader has learned in the previous book.

These books are great! The parent, or teacher, or even the older sibling can read the words that are on the left pages of the book. Then the child reads the words on the pages to the right. This is a great interactive way to work on reading with a child. It is also a great way to spend time together helping your child learn to read.

Each book contains a phonics story. There are fun games to ensure your child is understanding what they are reading. Help is provided to parents and teachers with the 24 page Parents' Guide which is included.

Other neat things that are included are links to online support at There are also downloadable activity sheets, teacher resources, word banks, and pronunciaton guides.

Great interactive links for the Very First Reading Set include:

Watch Peter Usborne introduce the Very First Reading Set

Online Support

Very First Reading Activity Sheets

Pronunciation Guides

Word Banks

Very First Reading For Teachers

Purchase the Very First Reading Set for only $69.99

If you need classroom sets, please contact me at to receive a price quote for multiple sets.

Happy Reading!


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